When you’re in one of the hottest markets on the planet (tech jobs in Seattle, WA), you need to hack the hiring process to get to the front of that crazy-long line of applicants and inside referrals. Here are the three best shortcuts I’ve found effective for getting your dream job:

1) The Ol’ Phone Call

You know that friend with the cool job opening at Amazon? Or your friend’s friend? Getting through to them with a phone call after a quick email or LinkedIn introduction from said friend is far easier and lower impact than “Can I buy you a cup of coffee?” Professional folks often don’t have time for coffee unless you’re already in the tribe. And with that phone call, you’re one step closer to the connections and insights you need to land that job.

“Proximity is power.”
—Tony Robbins


2) No More Nos! 

Have you gotten rejected for the 300th time? Instead of letting your head droop down, bite back! Make sure you end the conversation, no matter how “automated” it may be with Seattle’s AI-forward recruiting processes, with a relentless desire to learn why you weren’t accepted. Then you don’t just have a “no”; you have inside information on how to land the next one.

“Don’t let negotiations end with a no.”
Deepak Molhotra, Harvard Business School Professor


3) Get Certified

“Certification is still the tiebreaker in a tight decision for hiring managers.”
—John Cramer, Branch Manager in The Adecco Group, the largest staffing firm in the world

Not there yet? Getting certified in a set of skills (whether you’re sharpening existing skills or learning new ones from scratch) provides you the advantages of (1) and (2) above along with something to set you apart in the Seattle melting (hot) pot market. Come to Seattle Pacific University and gain skills, proximity to experts in the field, and a big YES toward the next level in your career.

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