We get questions like this a lot: is continuing education worth it? Will professional training pay off? What’s the most cost-effective way to learn serious business skills?

It’s completely understandable. These days, people are carefully weighing the economic investment of education. They need to know about potential earnings and about any competitive edge they’ll receive on real jobs from any certification program. They need to know whether or not their time spent learning will pay them back ten-fold.

Let’s not delay our answer: yes, absolutely, certification in professional and technical skill is worth pursuing.

The first reason is that certified higher skills are true predictors of higher salaries. In a recent study, Georgetown University found that certificate holders make on average 37% more than their out-of-field counterparts. And intuitively, in a tight job market, certification can give you an edge above the competition as a candidate.

What’s more, many professional skills can take years to learn in isolation. From running a business from scratch to search engine optimization to earning your project management credential, the evolution of tech is outstripping most working folks’ ability to keep up. It’s a different story with an intensive period of training geared specifically toward teaching you how to gain an edge and keep it.

But not all continuing ed programs are created equal.

Seattle Pacific University has partnered with Insight Consulting to design programs more holistic and in-depth than other professional training programs in Seattle.

Here are just a few ways we’re innovating for our students:



Instead of a program built on ever-changing instructors, we provide a single instructor-mentor for each certificate, providing continuity, opportunities to dive deep over the course of several weeks, and one-on-one attention. For a breadth of viewpoints, we bring in guest lecturers to share their on-the-job experiences and knowledge.


Tight Cohorts

We keep class sizes intentionally small because cohort learning has been shown to be extremely effective.


Apply It!—Holistic Understanding

We are combining the foundational skills with their larger contexts. That means if you study Digital Marketing, you’ll cut your teeth on real projects for local clients. If you study Entrepreneurship, you’ll network with a real community of startups. Each of our programs is tailored to impart technical skill along with the deep understanding of how to apply those skills to produce incredible results.



Our program costs less than other programs. We are serious about providing cost-effective education because cost-effective education has changed our lives.


Bottom line: if you’re looking into certificate programs, we encourage you to do your research! Any good certification program is fully transparent before asking you to enroll. You can find our pricing and logistical details on any certificate page, resources and thought leaders on our blog, and of course feel free to contact us at any time for more information.