The challenge of starting and running a business is immense: translate your product or service into reality while designing the entire business ecosystem within which your ideas and your team can thrive. What transforms a good idea, service, or product into a good business is a deep understanding of sales, marketing, taxes and accounting, legal and HR, operations, infrastructure, and a solid framework for future innovation. The Certificate in Entrepreneurship is a rapid and high-impact education in all the nuts and bolts of running a successful business.

Who Should Pursue This Certificate

If you’re a small- or medium-sized business owner or you want to launch a new business, this program is designed for you.


Our Certificate in Entrepreneurship teaches all the fundamental aspects of running a business and exposes participants to Seattle’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. We focus on Lean Business principles to empower business owners and entrepreneurs just starting out in all aspects of starting and operating a company, including:

  • Best practices in legal, tax, corporate structures, infrastructure, organizational structure, and design
  • Application, testing everything from the creation of an online presence to pitching company ideas to actual investors and guest lecturers
  • Leadership and the role of innovation as a business grows

Program Details

Length: 2 Quarters (20 Weeks)

Attendance: Thursdays from 6pm-9pm

Start Date: Thursday, September 28

Cost: $2,400

Location: SPU Campus

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What You’ll Learn

The Certificate in Entrepreneurship teaches you all the nuts and bolts of running a thriving business. The program will equip you to implement Lean Business principles for a range of different business and individual needs with consideration of the following:

Formation, Legal, and HR 

Sales and Marketing

Tax and Accounting

Operations and Infrastructure

Leadership and Innovation

A variety of industry tools to produce high-quality analysis of your business efforts for continuous improvement

Program Schedule & Timeline

Length of certificate program: 2 quarters (20 weeks)
Start date: Thursday, September 28, 2017
Attendance: 1 evening class per week: Thursdays from 6pm-9pm (Thanksgiving week off)
Instructor: Taylor Black (Operations Analyst at Intellectual Ventures: Invention Science Fund, Partner at Fizzy Inc.) Read an interview with Taylor.
Location: Seattle Pacific University Campus

The Certificate in Entrepreneurship is comprised of two courses:

Fall Quarter 2017: Entrepreneurship I (10 weeks)
Winter Quarter 2018: Entrepreneurship II (10 weeks)

The course is structured to build competency areas (Client Management, Content Management, Inbound Lifecycle, Tool, Role, Group/Team, and Presentation). Course work will be taught through:

  • Lectures and Guest Lectures
  • Individual & Group Activities
  • Exercises
  • Demonstrations
  • Readings


There are no formal prerequisites required for registration. To enroll, click below to be taken to Seattle Pacific University’s secure continuing education enrollment site.

Program Cost: $1,300/quarter OR $2,400 for the full certificate paid prior to the Fall Quarter start date ($400 savings)


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