Lean Six Sigma is a methodology that harnesses statistics and empirical data to improve processes and ultimately the total performance of a business. Six Sigma Green Belts and Black Belts develop a wide variety of skills to cut costs, improve revenue, and increase efficiency.

Why should you become a Six Sigma Expert? Here are 3 reasons:


Lean Six Sigma Certification Is a Multi-Industry Skill

Six Sigma experts are needed across a wide variety of industries. They can improve processes for healthcare systems, push higher quality in manufacturing businesses, and unlock bottlenecks in global supply chains. A Six Sigma certificate qualifies you to work across disciplines and industries.


You’ll Grow as a Leader

Practicing Six Sigma skills requires strong leadership skills and high levels of visibility. You are often called upon to find the evidence that will unlock new levels of revenue for the company. Both peers and executives in the organization will be familiar with your work and know you have what it takes to push the bottom line.


You’ll Inspire Your Peers with Positive Change

Six Sigma is all about improvement, and there is a need for improvement everywhere. Six Sigma experts get to encourage their peers in their organization to point out inefficiencies, and then go fix them. The Six Sigma expert allows their peers to finally voice their concerns and frustrations, and then, using empirical methods and statistical know-how, root out the problems that improve the business. This most often leads to coworkers that are encouraged to make improvements to the organization themselves, creating a powerful positive feedback loop.

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