What Is Technical SEO?

“Technical SEO” refers to any Search Engine Optimization performed that isn’t specifically related to the content you’ve created. Technical SEO is a complex, dynamic area of SEO, and one that gives many marketers some pause because it requires some understanding of code and the deep workings of how websites, search engines, and the individual threads of the “web” work.

This series of three tutorials will demystify the technical aspects of this vital area of our craft and help you place all the pieces into an intricate whole.

How the Web Works

First, an introduction. When you poke the Chrome or Safari icon on your phone, or click a hyperlink on your laptop and a web browser opens, what is actually happening? To understand technical SEO, we’ll have to learn a little about how that latest Cracked article, Reddit thread, or XKCD comic shows up.

Professional guidance.

Our Seattle-based, five-month certificate programs in Digital Marketing and Business Analytics provide you a way to receive personal guidance in a one-class-per-week, cohort-based program to master technical tools for marketing and analytics careers. Based at Seattle Pacific University's School of Business, Government, and Economics, and taught by working professionals from Insight Consulting, the certificates teach technical tools and the ethical decision-making models to use them for lasting business growth. Career guidance is also built into the program at no extra cost. Learn more here and by signing up for details below.