Right Knowledge + Right Action


Today, competitive advantages in digital marketing and data analytics are provided by a holistic data education.

Technical skills are critical, and we fully teach them in this program, but knowing why and how to use any tool requires an ethical vision of work and an ethical decision making model—one that breaks down individual and corporate data isolation, debunks the myth of “data neutrality,” and opens professionals’ eyes to the daily choices they make that can drive a business toward transparency, communication, and collaboration.

Insight without right action means nothing in business, and action without consideration of the moral implications means businesses leave both great value and great risk to chance. We will teach you not to leave this to chance, but tackle it to the best of human ability.

Our certificates in digital marketing and data analytics bring together multiple perspectives on how we ought to do business into an integrated data curriculum.

Students will leave our programs equipped with new models of understanding: not only the cutting-edge techniques and tools to be good at working with and interpreting data, but also frameworks for wisdom (right knowledge + right action) in their responsibilities and careers.

Ethics in Data Science

Interpreting, visualizing, and making decisions with data is so much more than good technique. From agriculture to healthcare to Wall Street to our justice system, analytics work lives within a web of human considerations and contexts.

We are constantly working with ethical assumptions, but data work often draws into stark relief our most closely-held beliefs. Cutting-edge technologies like self-driving cars, drones, VR, or AI applications force questions of safety and protection, freedom and choice, privacy and transparency, common good and individual sacrifice, and much more. Established businesses in every arena from banking to manufacturing to education experience similar dilemmas as we ask, collectively, how to use big data well and with virtue. These are considerations we cannot leave to chance. Our program encourages visionary and capable leaders to work with data to steer all work toward good.

Ethics in Online Marketing

Many people are a bit skeptical about marketing as a whole—isn’t it sort of manipulative? The answer is that, like all things, marketing is a business practice that can be undertaken with or without ethical care. Our course tackles the ethical dimension of marketing head-on, teaching students to use data to make choices that are deeply good for both the marketer and the marketed-to.

The core task of a marketing campaign is always to find the right audience/supporters and provide them something of value. The fact that our culture is increasingly transacted within digital spaces has not altered this task. In fact, the internet has provided ways for businesses to market in increasingly intentional ways. By generating data, online marketing affords us unprecedented levels of insight into our customers’ interactions with the business—their wants, needs, and other relevant feedback. Our course teaches students to use data to listen to audiences and write to them in cycles of feedback and response, with respect and empathy. We encourage marketing creations that use data to steer our online world toward betterment.

Professional guidance.

Making a positive impact in the world is not just talk. Let us discuss your future with you one-on-one: at the end of each quarter, your instructor will meet with you one-on-one to talk about what's next for you. Our goal is that each of you not only complete your certificate but find a career you can grow into. That's why we built career guidance into the program at no extra cost.