Are Data Science Certificate Programs Worth It?

We get questions like this a lot: Is a data science certification worth it? Will training in big data pay off? What’s the most cost-effective way to learn business analytics skills? These days, people are carefully weighing the economic investment of education. They need to know about potential earnings and about any competitive edge they’ll … Read More

How Long Will Your Current Career Last? Future-Proof It!

The accelerating pace of technological advancement today creates a unique challenge for the modern professional. In the World Economic Forum’s January 2016 insight report, “The Future of Jobs,” it’s noted that skill requirements for many jobs are dramatically shifting as computers take over increasingly complex processes, shrinking the shelf-life of employees’ existing skill sets. As … Read More

Making Sure Your Analytics Pay Off

Understanding your audiences and customers better, identifying new opportunities for your business, measuring effectiveness, and growing in ways you couldn’t with savvy alone—for many professionals, these are familiar pitches and promises surrounding business analytics.  As volumes of data increase and investments in managing and interpreting those volumes become more routine, there’s a snowballing sense of … Read More

Hybrid Employees Are the Future of Business

By now, as an adult, you are likely aware of what your natural strengths are. You may have applied them in various lines of work and even augmented them with tools that it took you a little more effort to acquire. Over time, through practice and education, you become a hybrid of natural and acquired … Read More

The Myth of “I’m Bad at Math”

All too often in my time as a teacher, I’ve heard students say with a resolute sigh, “I’m just bad at math.” There are exceptions, but by and large this refrain is far more common than its counterpart, “I’m just bad at writing.” The clincher is that typically these students are not, in fact, bad … Read More

Bringing Humanity to Business

Everyone is more comfortable with the qualitative than they are with the quantitative. It’s just easier to eyeball something than it is to precisely measure it over and over in a way that can seem needlessly repetitive. Quantifying things is hard, after all—harder in many cases than describing something’s overall quality or leaping to a … Read More