Correlation vs. Causation—It’s a Balancing Act

In business, we put a lot of faith in statistics to tell us about very large amounts of information or data in digestible figures. Practical knowledge of underlying statistical principles, therefore, makes you a much stronger participant in business decision-making—and helps you avoid the pitfalls of inaccurate conclusions that lead to business failure. One of … Read More

This Election Contains a Marketing Lesson

This election day is a tension-filled affair. While we wait for the votes to be counted (and if you haven’t voted yet, get out there!), we thought we’d try to attain a comforting critical distance from the emotions of the day by asking in the abstract: what might we learn from the marketing strategies employed by … Read More

Good Readers Make Great Data Analysts

Memories of English classes in high school or college can range from painful to exciting, often depending on your teacher’s choice of literary works. You probably remember breaking down a poem into its various components, trying to wring some new meaning from a text that, judging by CliffsNotes and other handy references, had already been … Read More